Grab data from multiple spreadsheets


I want to use timeline in a future project of mine. However, I would need to get the data from multiple Google Spreadsheets instead of just one. Is that possible?

Julian Bayer

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    Joe Germuska

    At this time there are no plans to extend Timeline to read from multiple spreadsheets.  You could use library like Tabletop.js and write your own code to retrieve data from the different spreadsheets and construct a JavaScript object, and then use that to initialize the Timeline.

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    Willie Möller

    Let me second that I think it would be great to source from multiple spreadsheet documents, or even from multiple sheets in the same document. The idea being that one sheet can be reused by multiple timelines as the basic point of reference. In this way all timelines get updated when the core sheet data is updated, and all those timelines can source their unique data from another sheet or document. Thanks for your suggestion Joe. It would be nice to have this baked into TimelineJS.

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