Can the timeline be adapted to cope with dates thousands and millions of years ago?

Hi, This timeline is great and seems very versatile. Is there a way of adapting it to work with dates 1 million (or 950,000) years ago to the present?

I tried using the negative symbol and got it to work with B.C. dates, but I need larger time frames. It seems to change "-800,000" to 800 B.C. and it wouldn't load when I tried "800000". Any ideas gratefully received.

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    I am also having a similar problem. I want to add the year "4000 B.C." but when I type "-4000" into the cell, it automatically changes to April 22, 1886.

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    Ryan Graff

    Hi All,

    Since TimelineJS is designed as a tool for journalists (who typically are concerned with dates of the recent past) it doesn't support dates before 9,999 BC.

    4,000 BC should work fine, and I've just been successful using it in a test. Be sure to change the spreadsheet cell that contains that date to plain text. Format -> number -> plain text.

    Hope this helps,




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    Lisa Hendry

    Okay, thanks for confirming it can only cope with BC dates in the past. Lisa

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    Jerome Hovorka

    I'm using a timeline which spans BC and AD dates and for some reason, the AD years are not appearing in my timeline. I've ensured that they are all plain text but I just can't get my AD dates to appear.  Any thoughts?

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    Knight Lab

    The forthcoming version of TimelineJS will support dates of arbitrary length, although once you use dates more than about 250,000 BC, you lose the ability to be more precise than the year, even if some of the dates are closer to the present day. 

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