Embeding Hyperlinks in the Timeline


i was wondering where how i can emped Hyperlinks in the Timeline. In the example one there are links included. My first try was using the link-function in google spreadsheet, like "=HYPERLINK("";"My Site")". The link works in the Spreadsheet but not in the timeline.

Thank you for any help.

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    Nick Savage

    If you use little bits of HTML in the spreadsheet, Timeline JS will pick it up.

    For example, if I wanted to write...

    You can hyperlink text by adding the HTML code around the text you want to hyperlink


    In the spreadsheet I would write:

    <p>You can hyperlink text by adding the <a href="" target="\_tab">HTML code around the text</a> you want to hyperlink</p>

    <p> and </p> denotes new para graphs

    <a href="..."" target="\_tab"> denotes open website in a new tab

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    Hi Nick,


    Thanks for your info. Could you be more specfic? Im just a average person trying to use this tool and I cant so far make the hyperlinks in my timeline.


    thank you

    Ana F, from Colombia 

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