Timeline won't load...

Just says "Building Dates." I made sure the doc is public and published. I also don't have any empty rows. Help! Here's my spreadsheet:

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    Diego Montes

    Hi! I´m trying to embed a timeline on my website and it´s not working. It says:

    "The contents you are looking for have moved. You will be redirected to the new location automatically . Please bookmark the correct page at"

    or, when I replace the "" in the url with "" as I´ve seen in other post, it says: 


    I would really aprecciate some help because this Timeline is such a powerful tool and it would be a shame not been able to use it. I leave my Google Spreadsheet link below.

    Thanks in advance. 



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    Mathilde Verillaud

    Hello, I see the last person with this problem messaged in 2019. I am trying to generate my timeline but get this answer: "Invalid Google URL. Please see the note above about how a recent change with Google Spreadsheets affects creating timelines." However, there is not note above. Can someone help me solving this? Thank you so much!

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    Sara Moreira


    Not sure if the support request I previously sent has really been submitted (I was logged out and can't find it here), so I send it again.

    I've been using timelineJS for a few years (but after 2015) and now the timeline has stopped working... In fact I've had a similar problem before (which you can find in this thread).

    I read the september blogpost about the new changes and I updated the wordpress plugin, but it still doesn't work.

    Even when using the KnightLab preview tool, it shows the same message: ERROR: Timeline configuration has no events.

    Here's the link to the spreadsheet:

    And here's the website:

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards,


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    Sunah Choudhry

    My timeline won't load and I'm trying to follow the steps given to others. I've checked the sheet multiple times and have checked media file types as well. I have no idea what's going on. 

    Doc is below!


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    Jerry Nevins

    Having the same issue even setting up the template to test things out, but it says Timeline configuration has no events. We'd used it successfully earlier this week but now it won't work even setting it up from scratch. 


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    Sara Moreira

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sharing the reply I got from the team below. It worked for me! Just changed sharing permissions to "anyone with the link can view".


    "Many users are experiencing issues with TimelineJS and StorylineJS. The root issue is that the behavior of Google Sheets has changed, and is no longer returning spreadsheet data for our request.

    This kind of thing has happened before, and often is reverted by Google shortly after. We are investigating options for maintaining timeline access, but some things are outside of our control.

    For TimelineJS, a workaround for many users is to "share" your Google Sheet to "anyone with the link can view". (Please do NOT set it to "anyone with the link can edit," because it is easy for people who view your timeline to determine the link to edit your spreadsheet.)

    This will not work for StorylineJS.

    Please watch our Twitter account for updates."

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    Emma Mama

    Why won't my timeline load? It says Error Fetching CSV: Type ERROR: Failed to fetch. I even tried using their own timeline template and uploaded it but it still gets the same result.  My deadline is coming up and this happens. Please help ASAP. ty

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    Jessi Bowman

    I am receiving the "ERROR: Error fetching CSV: TypeError Failed to fetch" message when trying to view my published timeline. I made changes to the spreadsheet a few days ago and it was working fine. I even tried to restore the spreadsheet to an earlier version, to no avail. I am hoping this is not a fault in my spreadsheet! 

    Here's the link, for reference:

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    Gynna Millan

    Anyone having issues with timeline js today? I created a couple yesterday, but today none is working and an error message displays saying that the server cannot locate the CVS. Can anyone help? Thxs!!

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    Jelena Ristic

    I am experiencing the same issues with timeline js today as well.

    It won't load and displays "ERROR: Error fetching CSV: TypeError: Failed to fetch".

    The timeline worked fine so far, the google spreadsheets are published to the web and set to public > anyone with the link can view.

    Looking forward to any input to solve this issue! Thank you very much!

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    Eric Bellmore

    Mine was throwing errors, so I have upgraded to the latest version of the timeline.js and now I'm getting 'invalid referrer' from the proxy server due to a 403 error. 

    {"message":"Invalid referrer","proxy_err_code":"invalid_for_proxy"}

    This is the URL it's attempting to access that throws the 403:

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