Years showing up as dates instead of years

I was just setting up a new timeline and noticed the using the year code of 1/1/1964 is showing up as January 1, 1964 instead of 1964. I check all my past timelines and it is doing the same thing, showing a date when it use to show years.

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    Joe Germuska

    This was changed last year. Zach Wise wrote:

    In the latest version of TimelineJS we changed how dates are read so that you have more control over how that date is interpreted. TimelineJS now has precision dating.

    For example: 

    If you enter 2000 in the date column, it will read as 2000. 

    01/2000 will read as January, 2000 and 

    01/01/2000 will read as January 1st, 2000. 

    This might affect some of your existing timelines. The fix is pretty easy though, just fix your dates.

    If you're using Google Spreadsheets as your source, you may run into an issue when you try and fix your dates. The date column in the older versions of the template were set to format the dates as mm/dd/yyyy tt:tt. So you type in 2000 and the spreadsheet reformats it to read 01/01/2000 00:00. 

    To fix this, just select the date columns and click "Format > Number > Plain Text". (see the screenshot below).

    Timeline Spreadsheet Format.png _

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    Steve Wilson


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