Soundcloud changes player, what now?

SoundCloud recently updated their basic embeded player which changes the way it is displayed in timeline.js. SoundCloud still offers the old view, but timeline now displays the new default. I have tried to insert the longer - player specific url - to force the old preview, but then timeline doesn't know how to load it. Is there anything I could do? Changing height parameter is not a very good solution as it effects all of the timeline's elements. 

I hope there's a simple solution or a code fix for it.

Cheers, Matej



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    Joe Germuska

    I've been spending a little time looking at the updates to SoundCloud and it seems that their documentation still leaves a lot to be desired.

    Are you hoping to constrain the height of the player? On our SoundCite page I saw that the new player was very tall, but on Timelines I've checked, it doesn't seem so bad.

    Are you trying to omit the player-filling artwork? I've been able to do that by manually adjusting the URL that SoundCloud's oEmbed API provides, but when I try to do it using what I think is the correct code, the javascript produces the wrong URL. I have seen someone else raise this issue on Stack Overflow.


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    matej praprotnik

    Hi Joe, 

    yes, constraining the height of the player would do. You're right about the new look, it doesn't seem so bad, but unlike youtube links, it usually doesn't fit in (it's not 'responsive'). The problem is also seen on this showcase timeline: (Check January 18, 2012 Soundcloud).

    I would like to be able to choose between simple or new artwork player. It's also true that after some time fixing my timeline, I was able to make it look OK. However, in this case I need to leave out the captions or I lose parts of the artwork, and that looks kind of broken.  


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