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I'm trying to understand the function of some of the JSON elements that Timeline requires.  Is there a spec somewhere I can refer to?  In particular, at the moment, I'm wondering why "type" is required and whether there are other permitted values besides "default".  If so, I'll make that option available to users, but if not I'll hardcode the default option into my JSON template. 




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    Joe Germuska

    There's a casual sort of spec about the JSON at

    If you're talking about the 'type' attribute that has the value 'timeline' here the reason for the 'type' was that originally, Zach thought that the slide show part might be more generalized for use in other applications. It turns out that was premature architecture, and now that StoryMapJS is being built, the slides were rebuilt rather than used as a library -- but you should just use the value 'timeline' as there are logic branches which expect that.

    You refer to 'default', however, which makes me wonder if you're talking about something else?


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