Adjusting the Loading Screen


I am putting this timeline on a page with an image in the background. How would i go about getting rid of the white loading screen. 

I want the loading screen, but without the white. I have messed with the css, but still can't get rid of it.

Any help would be great!






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    Steven Sprague

    I thought i might come back and answer this myself in case any one else needed this info.

    I found the most successful and least annoying way to work with the css for this project was to download the entire source, set up a less compiler, and then work with the less files and let the compiler write out the Timeline.css file. Trying to edit the Timeline.css file directly works, but was very painful in comparison.

    Colors are found in: VMM.Timeline.less

    I set @color-base to transparent and bingo, background showed through. In fact most colors are editable in that file.


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