Flowplayer support?


While Timeline supports all the major 3rd party video streaming services out there (tested with Vimeo and it works effortlessly), I want our site to only have our own player, which is built with Flowplayer.

Please see for an example.

Is there any way to do this?  I tried just putting the URL into the media section of our JSON file (where Vimeo works) but it just gives a "PagePeeker" image.

I would LOVE to get this working, and thank you in advance for your replies.


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    Joe Germuska

    Timeline can only infer the embed code for well-known services, but you can use any iframe code in a "media" cell on the Google Spreadsheet. 

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    Robbie Ferguson

    You are brilliant, thanks Joe! I had been looking at it all wrong... was trying to do this by just pasting the URL itself into the Media field. The fact that it does that for sites like YouTube and Vimeo phased me... I hadn't realized you could paste full embed codes in there. So sure enough, I copied the embed code for the episodes I needed, and it works flawlessly!

    SO great--thanks!


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    Don Eggert

    I'm trying to embed a 3rd party video player as well (JW Player). The iframe code I'm using doesn't appear to be responsive. Can your help me tweak this code so that the display will be better?

     <iframe src="\_B9/Sanders\_B9/640/390/2014,00,01,01,0/2014,01,01,01,30/vod" width="640" height="390" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" seamless> <p>Hey, it looks like your browser does not support iframes, not a problem, <a href="\_B9/Sanders\_B9/640/390/2014,00,01,01,0/2014,01,01,01,30/vod">watch the video on a separate page here!</a> </p> </iframe>

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