Reversing the timeline?


Is there any way to reverse my timeline? That the project i'm working on:

My bosses would like the timeline to start at the last "event" (the most recent) and then going to the past. Setting the "start_at_post" parameter doesn't do the work, because then the user will have to scroll to his left. So again: is it possible to invert my timeline?

Thanks in advance! 

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    Joe Germuska

    This is not a supported feature. Timeline's design reinforces the very strong assumption readers of left-to-right languages have that timelines should have the past on the left and the future on the right. Perhaps it should reverse this for right-to-left languages, but that is not a small task, and TimelineJS is not under active feature development at this time.  Sorry.

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    Muzeum Historyczne

    I understand, thank you for your reply!

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    Bummer!!! One of our Sundance Institute initiatives requires a reverse chronology timeline. I take it there are no plans to allow this?



    Rick Perez

    Sundance Institute

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    I would like to use the timeline for a resume. It would be nice if the time-order could be reversed so that most recent and relevant experience came first.

    So I too would appreciate very much this capability.

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