Google Sheet is ready to go but no thumbnails

Could someone help, I need to publish a very important timeline (but it's a private timeline). The Google Template is now complete and having a thumbnail issue:

I created a shared dropbox folder to hold my 32x32 thumbnail png files but they are not showing. Is this because it's a shared private folder? If so, how do I allow access by the TimelineJS? I cannot make this timeline public nor the thumbnail images.

I don't think you can create a Public Shared Folder in DropBox.

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    Joe Germuska

    Here's info on creating public shared folders in DropBox.

    Of course, they're public, which you said you can't do. My advice if privacy is a priority would be to use servers you control, but that may be more than you can get in to.

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    Jay White


    How do I even insert images and backgrounds for my timeline? I am so lost. I have to prepare for class tomorrow. 

    - Jesse 

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