Help us translate TimelineJS into other languages!

TimelineJS has proven internationally popular, in part because users have contributed translation support for dozens of languages. You can help us by contributing more.

For each language, we need a simple file with a name like xx.js, where xx is the two letter code for the language. (Technically, it's the ISO 639-1 code—you can find a list of them on Wikipedia.) The file defines a Javascript object with language specific translations. To make one for your language, copy one of the existing files (like this one for English) and edit the quoted strings. Please don't change the "keys"—the unquoted strings. If you know how to use GitHub to make a pull request, that's the best way to submit it to us. If that's not your thing, you can "add a comment" to this article and attach your translation file as an upload.

Please note: all contributions should be saved using the UTF-8 character encoding.

Thank you! 

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