Can I use Google+ photos in my Timeline?


Q: Can I use Google+ photos in my Timeline?

A: Yes. Right click the image and copy the URL. Use this URL as the media src. Unfortunately, Google's changes to Picasa's API has prevented us from building a better solution into Timeline3. 


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    Sammy DiDonato

    what is best alternative to hosting all of images that are in google drive into a timeline?

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    Knight Lab

    This Medium post suggests a technique for getting Google Drive image URLs which would work in TimelineJS. A quick test shows that this works, as of now.

    However, since this is not something Google officially documents as supported, be aware that it may stop working without warning.



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    Fred Garvin

    I struggled with this same issue for hours trying to figure out whether it was permissions or user name or something else.  In the end, I was able to go through the rigmarole of getting a link for every picture and then converting each one of the links...what a pain.  I finally decided to upload my photos to Flickr (1000 free uploads) and run the timeline from there.  

    Live and learn.

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