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if Flickr and Instagram don't seem like the right fit for hosting images for your Timeline, you can use the free image hosting service

Uploading images is easy, but at this time, TimelineJS doesn't know how to turn the URL for the page which shows your image into a URL that can be used to include only that image on a slide. Uploading images on Imgur is pretty straightforward. Once you've done that, copy the "Direct Link" and use that in the "media" column of your TimelineJS spreadsheet. 

Since this was originally written, Imgur's terms of service have changed. To use Imgur to host images for TimelineJS, upload the image to Imgur, then copy the URL for the Imgur page from your browser's address window. Note that this will result in your image being presented in an Imgur branded frame; while the method described above in strikethrough text may appear to work and avoid the frame, that is only temporary. For your readers, and for you after your cache expires, the images will not load, because Imgur will return a 403 "forbidden" error when the browser tries to get them.






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    wolf y

    Hey, I would recommend to use a better image hosting site : , it works faster and no registration is required. ;)

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    Hi, imgur direct link is working on the timeline only when the particular image has already been accessed previously on that browser. Else console shows a 403 Forbidden error. Please see this issue filed : and requesting authors to update this page if the issue persists.

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    Knight Lab

    Update: Imgur has become much more strict about enforcing their terms of service, which prohibit "hotlinking" in most cases. This is what leads to the situation Nikhil described, in which the direct imgur link may appear to work while the timeline is being created, but later, attempts to load those images returns a 403 "Forbidden" error.

    It is still possible to use Imgur in TimelineJS, but instead of using the "direct link", one should use the URL in the field labeled "Image link" in the above screenshot, for example,

    Note that, in compliance with Imgur's terms of service, this will cause the image to be presented in an Imgur-branded "frame", as shown here:


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