Can I use SoundciteJS on Wordpress?

If your site is hosted on, unfortunately, the answer is no.

If your site is a privately hosted Wordpress site, then the answer is yes, if you are the administrator or have the cooperation of the administrator.

Soundcite requires some CSS and Javascript be included once on every page where you have clips (this is step 3.1 from the authoring tool.)  In many cases, the default wordpress configuration will result in the CSS <link> tag being stripped out. Wordpress will also strip out the "data" attributes which Soundcite uses as configuration.

More specifically: each Wordpress user has a role and those roles are defined as a list of "capabilities." Only users with the unfiltered_html capability can include the<link> tag and the data-* attributes in their posts. For other users, it will be stripped out. Also, if a user without the unfiltered_html capability edits a post after the code is inserted, these key parts of the post will be stripped out.

The site administrator can adjust roles and capabilities so that people can add the CSS link tag.  However, even users with the unfiltered_html capability will see the <link> tag stripped when they switch from the "text" tab of the Wordpress editor to the "visual" tab. 

As an alternative, the administrator could include the "boilerplate" CSS and Javascript in the base templates for the site, so that Soundcite is always available. However, there is no way to make Soundcite work which doesn't require the data-* attributes, so it will not be usable by Wordpress users without the unfiltered_html capability.

It would be possible to create a Wordpress plugin which works around these issues. At this time, we have not seen enough demand for Soundcite among Wordpress users to justify the effort, but we always welcome input from our audience.


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