StoryMap on mobile devices

This is really a great and nicely designed tool. One thing I love about Timeline is that it - out of the box - also looks really good and works very well on mobile devices. Unfortunately this is not yet the case with StoryMap. I know it's only in an alpha release but nevertheless I would like to hear if there's anything I can do  to make it work on smaller screens and touch devices?

Thanks for making these tools


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    Joe Germuska

    As with Timeline, Zach's intention is to create a library that has a high quality mobile experience.  If you're finding specific cases where things seem wrong, please file issues on our GitHub repository at

    If you don't have a GitHub account and would rather not create one, you can also report issues here: click on "submit a request" in the navigation bar.

    Please be as specific as possible. Screenshots are great, URLs where we can try to reproduce the problem on different devices are also very valuable.

    Thanks for your interest and offer to help!

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