Map controls?

Finished my first storymap and was wondering if there are any map controls for setting what zoom level you would like for each slide?

Also, it would be nice to be able to expand the map similar to the way it can be hidden.

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    Joe Germuska


    Thanks for your input. We experimented with making the map window resizeable and found that there were interaction problems that we couldn't resolve. We may take another look in the future, but we are also looking at having an option to zoom the map to full screen (as is commonly available with video players) as well as alternative layouts of the map and the narrative slides.

    Regarding setting the zoom level, right now Timeline tries to keep both the previous and the new map point in view, so that viewers can see how they relate to each other. This is at odds with a custom zoom level. We have tooling to support setting a custom zoom, but we're not sure how to resolve these competing features.

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    J. Heasly

    A user-adjustable zoom is something we wondered about too.

    As for the behavior, after a user clicks the forward/backward arrow and the transition is done, could not the minimal "+" and "-" zoom tools appear in say the upper left?

    They would disappear when the forward/backward arrow is clicked, then re-appear when the transitions done.

    Does that make sense/Am I talking UI madness?

    Awesome, awesome tool though!

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    Frode Grimelid

    My map zooms so far in that the map tiles go black (useing mapbox, paid account). I need a fix pretty quick. The tool you are talking about, can I access it?

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