Collaborative editing/sharing a StoryMap

Is there a way to share a storymap with other google accounts for editing? With timeline I share the doc, but I am not sure what I would need to do using the storymap editor?

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    Joe Germuska


    It's a good idea, but we're not really sure how to make it happen. It's technically the case that you can fool around with Google Drive to edit someone else's StoryMap, but it becomes a copy of the original, so all the old problems about concurrent edits/versioning/etc crop up.

    We're open to clever insights about how to make it work, and if you want more details about how you could hand off a document to someone else, I'd be glad to elaborate.




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    Steve Wilson

    That is what I thought, we might just set up a separate google account for storymap and share the password for editing. We had to set up a new account anyway since our company accounts do not work with storymap.

    Timeline works great sharing the spreadsheet.

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    Joe Germuska

    NOTE: the below no longer applies. Maintenance issues required us to drop Google Drive as a storage system for StoryMaps, which accordingly required us to give up Google Drive's ability to manage shared access to files. 

    At this time there is no support for collaborative editing of StoryMaps. We understand the desire, but without being able to leverage Google's infrastructure, it's a rather more complicated feature. It is something we'd like to support, but development is not currently scheduled for any specific milestone.


    So, we've looked at this a little more. It's not as simple as I might like, but you can do it.

    Go to Google Drive and share the folder containing the StoryMap you want to collaborate on (the one with the name you chose when creating it).

    When your collaborator accepts the invitation, have him or her move the shared folder into his or her /KnightLabStoryMap/public/ folder. (This assumes the person has made at least one StoryMap before, and so has those folders on their drive. If not, have them make a "throwaway" StoryMap instead of making the folders themselves)  Once they put the shared folder in their /KnightLabStoryMap/public/ folder, it should show up on

    Proceed with caution. Right now if two people are editing a storymap at the same time on different computers, they will overwrite each other's changes. I don't think we'll be able to support real-time co-editing any time soon, but we're looking into at least recognizing that someone else has changed the file and giving you some options (overwrite their changes/save yours with a new name/load their changes and abandon yours). This is still under investigation, so not sure what we can do or when we'll have it.

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    Jakub Rumler

    Hallo Joe,

    thank you for finding the way to share the storymaps. I tried to find some storymap folder in my drive, but nothing is there. Please, can you help me, where I can find it? Nowhere in maps settings, I can see something with it.

    Thank you for the great tool, I love it! But unfortunately, I need to share it now with my colleague. 

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    Kathy Knauer

    We also need to get access to a colleague's Storymap. Please let me know if there is a way to change ownership of it. It is registered through his personal Google account.


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    Jean Lee Cole

    I am trying to use StorymapJS as a group project for a class. I would like each group to be able to work on their map together but also retain "ownership" of all of the maps so that I can revise them later or troubleshoot via email/Skype if necessary.

    Based on what I read here, it looks like the best solution is to have a class Google account and then share the username and password. And then, make sure that only one person is working on the map at any given time. Is that correct?

    As a related question, I looked for the /KnightLabStoryMap/public/ folder referenced in a 2014 comment above, and I can't find anything like this in my Google Drive folder. I'm on a Mac. Is this an outdated feature of Google Drive? If so, how can one "hand off" ownership of a map? Thanks for your help.

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