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We're inserting an (HTML5) audio tag in the Text editor: HTMLmode, and it's working fine, first occurrence is 3rd slide of:

The editor likes to strip it out sometimes, but we just add it back. A bit kludgey, but your Authoring Tool is so damn easy to use, we've stuck w/ it.

Wondering, tho, if you'd recommend we switch to the "advanced" method (write our own JSON file), knowing we want an image URL for the Media value and an audio-w/player in the Text. Thanks for the excellent StoryMap, and any advice re: adding audio to Text.

(FYI, the above URL is a standalone StoryMap, but we'll soon be embedding it at

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    Joe Germuska

    we're working on updates to our editor that will be less aggressive about stripping HTML tags. Due out within the month, I'd say.

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    Barrett Golding

    Thanks for the update, Joe. And for others considering going the "advanced" route, the Authoring Tool is still an quick and excellent way to kick out your basic json file (in your GDocs: published.json) which you can then adapt any way you like.

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