Wich Html ressources can we embed ?


Great work, those presentations are really nice.

We're building a "storylife" reportage with interviews of old people of the same area.  Works great with Youtube videos.


Now, we would like to add <audio> contents.  Trying to paste an html code don't work in the editor. Or not every time..playing with the braquets and typing some of the ">" & "<" makes it possible to add an  <audio>html5 content</>

But now, as my people want to talk about famous places, I would like to add an html5 slideshow in the slides (and showing pictures hosted by different sites and, by doing this way, avoiding any Copyright problems with thoses images)

I first thought about adding an <Iframe> but the editor won't accept my code. Any chance to once having the opportunity to embed thoses kind of contents ?

Should it be possible by writing it directly in the published.JSON file ?



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    M A I C A R O S A

    Working for a big newsplaform in the Netherlands and I would love to be able to embed our own videos. Is this even possible in iframe?

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