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I used StoryMap on Friday to great effect to supplement my organization's coverage of a news event. I'm mobile editor at The Globe and Mail and used the StoryMap to chart social reaction along the 401 highway as Canadians paid tribute to the solder killed at the War Memorial last week. I found the tool very easy to use and was thrilled with what we were able to produce -- we embedded the map onto the story page right at the top and it served as a great real-time reflection of mourners' sentiment.

However, twice during the evening we ran into an issue -- the map disappeared from all browsers because of some sort of sync issue with the production.json file in my Drive folder. The first time it happened, I deleted the .json file and re-published the map and after a few minutes a new .json appeared and the map was viewable again. But it happened a second time a few hours later and I was unable to fix and we eventually had to kill it entirely. I'd initially thought it was an issue with our CMS, but trying to view the map using the shared URL generated in the tool also failed. That's when i stumbled on the sync issue -- in my drive folder the .json file showed a red X, which made it pretty clear that's where the issue rested.

Anyway, sharing the experience to see if what I tripped over was an anomaly or a familiar problem. Looking forward to hearing.



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