Problem to edit Storymap

Hi Joe, We're trying to edit a storymap, as we want to publish it in, and it's always showing a sign that says: ' Loading a storymap' and we can't edit it to finish our work.

We'd like to publish it tomorrow, if you can help us, we'll appreciate it a lot!!



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    Lazar Ranđelović

    Hi everyone,

    I found a realy huge problem with StoryMap.

    I can't type any coordinate to find some location at first, but that is not one problem.

    It's impossible to create any maps and review later created maps.

    Do you have any solution for this or information when the problem will be fixed? :)

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    Knight Lab

    A recent change to StoryMapJS may be responsible for this problem, but a fix for that has been deployed.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please try again in a different web browser, or in a private/incognito window in your typical browser, or clear your browser's cached files.

    If after that, you are still experiencing issues, please file a support request

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