Is it possible to change pin styling/color?

Hi Knight Lab folks:


I'm wondering if it's possible to change the color and/or other styling for the pins on the map. In particular, I'd like to change the color of the pins in the 'overview slide.' I believe the default is for them to be faded to gray, but I would like to add color. 

I have some basic HTML/CSS skills, but I'm no programmer. 

Thanks! Laura 

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    If you are hosting your storymap.css file, you can edit the .vco-map ,vco-mapmarker-active attributes to allow your own image of an icon to be used instead of the default.   Below is how I did it for my project at:


    .vco-map .vco-mapmarker-active {
      color: #c34528;
      content: url("");
      width: 60px !important;
      height: 80px !important;
      -webkit-filter: drop-shadow(7px 7px 5px #fbfbfb) grayscale(0%) !important;
      top: -66px;
      left: -22px;

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    Knight Lab

    A simpler way is to choose the "marker options" button, which appears on every slide except for the overview slide, and use it to either upload an alternate marker file or to select from a previously uploaded file (that is, you don't have to re-upload the same marker if you use it on multiple slides.)

    Find the "marker options" button below the field for entering text for a slide. It is inactive on the overview slide because that slide doesn't have a marker of its own.


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