Problems with Story Maps Gigapixel in Safari


I've been experimenting with Gigapixel lately and have so far made two of them. With the first one - two weeks ago -  everything went right in all browsers, but right now it doesn't support both my old als my current widget - which is published today - in Safari. Everything works fine in Chrome, but both the embed as the direct link doesn't work in Safari. It simply shows, well, just some white space.

Have I been doing something wrong wil embedding the Gigapixel, or does the widget simply not support Safari? Which is pretty sad because Safari is the default browser on all iPads en iPhones of course.

Here's the article where I used the Gigapixel. In Chrome, everything works fine ->

Does anyone have the same problem? It used to work well, also on Safari, but right now it simply shows nothing.



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