Why is there white space below the images in my Juxtapose slider?

While we try to make smart guesses, it's difficult for the Juxtapose authoring tool to know the details about the page where your embedded slider will go.

Juxtapose will fill the available horizontal space provided to the iframe embed while retaining the original aspect ratio of the images. This can result in a truncated vertical layout with scrollbars, or in too much white space if the height specified in the embed is too little or too much, respectively.

The fix is to set the height according to your layout and the resulting size of the Juxtapose images. How you do this will be specific to the design of your site. In some cases, setting an iframe height that matches the resulting layout height of the Juxtapose will suffice.

However, for many sites there will be a need to support different viewport sizes that result in different layouts of the vertical space. In this case, you will need to set the height dynamically either with media queries or with Javascript.

There are examples in the code repository showing each of these approaches. Please see the examples here:

Using media queries

Using Javascript



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